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Our solution allows us to control traffic flow and accurately and allocate the right amount of resources needed for each event.


Encore Valet Services offers personalized valet parking solutions to all events and permanent venue locations within Southern Ontario on a full time or part time basis.

We focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. We combine the luxury of valet parking services with SMS technology.

From Hotels, Clubs, Theaters, Museums and Retail Stores to Corporate Events, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen’s, Proms, Charity Events and other occasions. We offer peace of mind to our client as Encore Valet Services is fully insured for all at fault accidents.

INTRODUCING ‘TEXT 4 UR CAR -  Encore Valet Services is always looking to incorporate new technologies in order to serve you better.  Our motto is to enhance the valet experience at the curb with tools that offer first-class customer experience. With our TEXT 4UR CAR feature, customers will enjoy the convenience of texting for their vehicles from anywhere within the venue using our technology. Just text the ticket number and we will confirm the vehicle’s arrival expectation and the vehicle will be at the door with no delays. This will help to reduce the waiting time at the door especially on those days with unpleasant weather conditions and you don't have to be outside untill the car arrives. 


· Alleviate Anticipated Rushes

· Impress Potential Clients

· Decrease Accidents

· Efficient car retrieval time

· Raise customer satisfaction

· Get that cool factor instantly


ROAD ASSISTANCE - Encore Valet is all about servicing our customers.  Since we differ from the competition we provide a complimentary emergency road assistance service for those unfortunate situations.  We can cover some of the basic services at no cost.​


VALET ATTENDANTS - Our elegant attired staff will handle every event we host with professionalism, attention to detail and exceptional hospitality with an attentive, friendly and efficient manner. Our goal is to create that long-term relationship with the client, which is essential to our success.

REFLECTIVE SIGNS - For each event we include a full set of reflective valet signs to provide the best directions at the venue. Our sings have excellent visibility during the day or night.  For better orientation, ​we might also be able to incorporate the name of the event to the signs in case there is another event at the same location at the same time.​

TRAFFIC DIRECTING - For large events where parking and traffic flow might be challenging, Encore Valet offers traffic direction services. This service allows the valet to guide your guests more efficiently to the venue and makes the valet parking experience stress free.

DESIGNATED DRIVER - As part of our Don't Drink and Drive campaign, we offer to accompany any guest that is part of the event to their homes if the person doesn't feel able to drive.  At the same time we will take the guest's car to their residence providing peace of mind to the customer about their belongings.


Encore Valet offers a very competitive price since our logistics and operational model are leveraged with the use of SMS technology and our valet platform. This allows us to efficiently put the right amount of resources needed for each event. Our model differs from the competition as we customize our services to meet the specific requirements of your event or the parking needs for your venue. The cost for the valet service relies on 4 factors: location, number of guests, length of the service and labor cost. To provide you with an accurate cost assessment, just complete our quote form or contact us.

For our first customers, Encore Valet is currently offering a 10% discount when you book your first event with us.



Encore Valet robust and agile platform allow us to develop a variety of marketing campaigns for business and events. Here it is how it works:


Events - When someone text Encore Valet at an event, the guest receives a response that includes a promotional code or coupon for services offer by the host or venue. 


Business - Mall venues, stores, restaurant and hotels can now include promotions and discounts from products and services. Customer can easily redeem these by replying to our platform and shows these great offers through their smartphone or cellphone.

Encore Valet Services
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