Located in the GTA, Encore Valet Services is a company offering first class valet parking solutions for Events and Venues in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Our focus is to deliver consistent professional service maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

​Our goal is to provide world class valet parking services to make us the top valet company in the industry.  We are dedicated to make your event organized from beginning to end.



Setting a high standard superbness from day one, we make sure our staff are the most professional, courteous and high profile people.  For every event we host  our goal is to create that long term relationship with the client which is essential to our success.  

Communication plays a key role at Encore Valet as we believe proper training is the best way to relate to our employees and what is expected from them and them from us.

Before, during and after each event our managerial staff runs a quality control checklist to monitored uniforms, grooming and customer service performed to maintain the highest level of quality service. View our job opportunities and careers.


The importance of our values defined us as a corporation.  They influence the way we function inside or outside the organization and how we serve our customers. 

​CLIENT IS FIRST – Our motto is to deliver more of what is expected.  We think that listening to our customer and responding in a time manner will help us build lifetime relationships.  We offer a personalized service to adjust every customer necessity.


​INNOVATION – There is always a better way to do things and we believe that implementing technology in order to provide a reliable services is a key part of our business success.  We always challenge ourselves to improve procedures.

TEAMWORK – We believe Encore success depends of the employees professionalism and teamwork.  Each role is key of any event we manage and we are stronger believer that best results are achieve were there is a strong team.   We treat our staff as family supporting each other, working hard, recognizing team effort and providing feedback.

EXCELLENCE – Be the best on what we do.  Always working hard to provide the highest quality valet parking services to cover our customers' needs.







Ph:   647-954-0569



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